Diabetic Testing Supplies

February 16, 2011
By Diabetes Guide

Where and how to get Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic testing supplies are the devices, testing equipments, medicines, sugar-free foods, clothing and other accessories used to monitor, check and control blood sugar and glucose levels and store that information for your physician and diabetes care team to analyze and direct your diabetes care program.

Diabetic supplies include a complete line of diabetic products at your doorstep including all the necessary equipments and drugs, like insulin and insulin syringes, lancing devices, glucometers, blood glucose test strips, ketone strips, syringes, Insulin pumps, reservoirs, Infusion sets, tapes, wipes, pills and tablets, diabetes shoes etc. Diabetic supplies are the essential tools for diabetes management programs.

You can also find lots of different type of accessories like carrying cases and sharps containers to carry and to hold diabetes supplies and provide easy access in case of a diabetic emergency. These accessories also help you to organize and protect diabetic supplies and equipment for up to two weeks.

If you have diabetes and are on Medicare, you are eligible to receive free diabetes supplies provided by American Diabetes services for the people with diabetic, and also for those with pediatric or juvenile diabetes.

There are many brands and styles of blood glucose testing supplies available in the market. You can usually find any diabetes testing products you need at your local pharmacy, hospital or clinic pharmacy, drugstores or at a medical equipment supplier. You can also consider the convenience of using on online diabetes supply store or a mail-order pharmacy.

Now, many web sites offer the huge selection, lowest prices, discount supplies schemes, fastest services and worldwide delivery for your diabetic supplies. Diabetics can also order depth-inlay shoes, custom molded shoes and shoes inserts with free home delivery. But, prescription of the doctor must state the patient is suffering from comprehensive diabetes and therapeutic shoes and inserts are needed.

How to get discount diabetic supplies

To get the discount diabetic supplies, a patient need a prescription from the doctor that will state the person suffering from diabetes, number of test strips and lancets required in a month, needed kind of glucose meter, use of insulin are required or not, frequency of testing a blood sugar level etc. by showing this prescription, you can get diabetic supplies at discount rates through non-profit organizations, institutions, governmental associations and diabetes education promoting programs.

With a prescription drug card of Blue Cross HMO group, you can get diabetic supplies at the listed drugstores without any cost, but you must have a written prescription from your PCP to give to the pharmacist.

Patient should acquire the proper knowledge of using blood sugar meter and other equipments, as the slightest mistake can cost dearly. If required, help of doctor, diabetes instructor or pharmacist can also be taken to be familiar with the proper uses of these supplies. Medicare allows you to save money by ordering your diabetes supplies from a provider that accepts Medicare. Don’t forget to request refills of your diabetes supplies.

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