Glucose Meter Information

August 27, 2011
By Diabetes Guide

Information about Glucose Meters

A glucose meter is used in order to be able to tell the approximate amount of glucose in your blood. A glucose meter is a key thing to have when you have diabetes mellitus in order to be able to monitor your blood sugar levels at home.

Using a glucose meter is very easy and straightforward. You first need to prick your skin (this is done with a special device called a lancet), and then you need to place a small drop of blood onto a disposable testing strip. The glucose meter will then take a reading from the blood on the testing strip and will calculate your blood sugar levels. The glucose meter will have a display where your blood sugar levels will appear.

Using a glucose meter for home monitoring of your blood sugar levels is more common with diabetes type one. It should be used once to twice a day to help you in controlling your blood sugar levels a lot easier.

Over the years glucose meters have been continuously improved. The average size of a glucose meter is now about the size of your palm. Glucose meters are usually powered by battery.

The test strips for the glucose meter contain chemicals that will react with the glucose in your blood. The strips used are usually plastic and should be discarded after every use. How ever as new technology develops some glucose meters come with discs which can be used several times before discarding.

As each batch of test strips will slightly vary some glucose meters will require you to enter a code found on the test strips. This allows the glucose meter to be calibrated to that set of test strips making the machine more accurate. If this is not done correctly the glucose meter could give incorrect readings which can be dangerous for the person monitoring their blood sugar levels. However some test strips will have the code information on them, others will have a microchip with the code on, and these last two ways will be able to reduce errors to a minimum.

Some of the more advanced glucose meters will allow you to transfer the date from the glucose meter to a computer. Some glucose meters also allow you to enter additional data such as amount of insulin taken, food eaten or exercise done.

Having a glucose meter at home can be very costly this is due to the price of the test strips and how many you will use.

The accuracy of a glucose meter is something that is in review often. There are certain standards that the glucose meters have to meet as to how accurate they are. Overall glucose meters are as accurate as they need to be for there use.

Hospitals will also have there own glucose meters. These will be a lot more advanced then a glucose meter you would use in your home. These glucose meters can transfer there stored data into electronic medical records.

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