Symptoms of Diabetes

June 1, 2011
By Diabetes Guide

Diabetes Symptoms

The actual symptoms of diabetes are all the same, it doesn’t matter which type you have. There are several different symptoms of diabetes you should look out for.

The first symptom of diabetes is the passing of urine more often then normal. This is usually a symptom that happens more at night, so if you find you are getting up to go to the toilet in the night more often then look out for other symptoms also. Obviously this symptom of diabetes can often be mistaken. If, for example, you have drunk a lot that day then passing urine more often then normal is to be expected.

The second symptom of diabetes is increased thirst. Like the first symptom of diabetes this also has to be looked at objectively. For example if it is a very hot day, increase thirst is going to happen. Therefore, when looking at this symptom of diabetes you will need to evaluate it over time.

The third symptom of diabetes is extreme tiredness. This is a constant feeling of tiredness no matter how much sleep you seem to have had. This symptom of diabetes includes feeling lethargic all the time and not having any energy or motivation.

The fourth symptom of diabetes is unexplained weight loss. This symptom of diabetes is when you have suddenly lost a significant amount of weight and yet have not been on a “diet” and there are no other explanations for the weight loss. Other explanations for the weight loss could be stress or bereavement.

The fifth symptom of diabetes is genital itching or regular episodes of thrush. Some people get regular episodes of thrush anyway, so this doesn’t always have to be a symptom of diabetes, but if you do not usually get them then do keep an eye on it.

The sixth symptom of diabetes is slow healing of cuts and wounds. If you usually heal very quickly then all of a sudden you have a cut or wound that isn’t healing as it should be this could be a symptom of diabetes.

The seventh symptom of diabetes is blurred vision. This symptom of diabetes needs checking straight away. It could just be due to needing an eye test but you must have it looked at straight away.

All of these symptoms of diabetes are common in both type one and type two diabetes. However, with type one diabetes the symptoms will develop fairly rapidly usually within a few weeks. This makes the symptoms of diabetes reasonably noticeable and easy to spot. With type two diabetes the symptoms will develop much slower, usually over as long as a few years. Often with type two diabetes these symptoms go unnoticed and it is only with a routine medical examination that something is picked up on.

With both types of diabetes once it has been diagnosed and treatment for the diabetes has started then the symptoms of diabetes will fade and eventually disappear altogether. If you have any of the symptoms of diabetes you should visit your GP straight away and tell them your concerns. Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes will lessen the likeliness of developing further more serious diabetes complications.

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